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Brylee Pork

We raise our pork from when they are piglets (3 months old). On top of their daily grain feed, we also feed them our vegetable compost, apples and butternuts.

For bulk orders for pork (½ or full pig):
Call: 819-985-6398
Email: b.maloney@sympatico.ca

Store hours:

Price for bulk pork orders: $6.50/lb
Includes cutting and individual wrapping and personalized cut sheet

Individual price list
  • Filet/tenderloin 51.00$/kg

    Rôti d'épaule désossé/Boneless shoulder roast 22.00$/kg

    Rôti de fesse/Butt roast 21.00$/kg

    Escaloppes/scalopini 36.65$/kg

    Côtelettes porc avec os/bone in chops 2/pk 26.85$/kg

    Côtelettes porc désossés/Boneless chops 2/pk 28.00$/kg

    Jarrets/shanks 13.50$/kg

    Côtes levées/spare ribs 16.20$/kg

    Cubes a ragout/stewing cubes 22.00$/kg

    Porc haché/ground pork 19.10$/kg

    Bajoues de porc/pork cheeks 28.00$/kg

    Grillades/green bacon 22.90$/kg

    Foie/liver 9.50$/kg

    Langue/tongue 3.00$ chaque

    Rognon/kidney 1.50$ chaque

    Coeur/heart 2.00$ chaque

    Bacon fumé/smoked bacon 28.00$/kg

    Jambon fumé/smoked ham 23.20$/kg