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Grassfed Beef

Since we raise a seasonal product, we only harvest our beef in the summer and fall months which is when our inventory is at its highest. Some cuts might not be available off-season (winter, early spring). If you would like information on specific cuts or on our inventory and what we have in stock, please feel free to contact us:

Telephone: 819-985-6398
Email: b.maloney@sympatico.ca

Price for Bulk beef orders (¼, ½ or full beef): $6.75/lb
Includes cutting and individual wrapping and personalized cut sheet

Store hours:

Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday 9:00 a.m.-5:00p.m.

  • Filet Mignon: $80.00/kg
  • Rib eye: $64.00/kg
  • Tomahawk: $57.00/kg
  • Rib steak: $56.00/kg
  • Strip loin: $61.75/kg
  • T-bone : $50.75/kg
  • Sirloin: $44.50/kg
  • Tournedos: $41.50/kg
  • Inside round: $24.75/kg
  • Minute Steak: $24.75/kg
  • Flank: $45.00/kg
  • Bavette : $45.00/kg
  • Hanger steak: $34.00/kg
  • Sirloin tip roast: $28.00/kg
  • Bone-in blade roast: $23.50/kg
  • Blade roast: $24.00/kg
  • Shoulder roast: $24.00/kg
  • Prime Rib: $56.00/kg
  • Ribs: $15.60/kg
  • Escalopes : $43.20/kg
  • Chinese fondue: $44.50/kg
  • Strips $43.20/kg
  • Shanks: $28.90/kg
  • Stew cubes: $25.85/kg
  • Oxtail: $15.60/kg
  • Spider steak: $40.45/kg
  • Jowl: $24.75/kg
  • Soup bones: $7.00/pk
  • Lard: $6.00/pk
  • Tongue: $6.50/kg
  • Liver: $13.20/kg
  • Heart: $12.00/kg
  • Kidney: $2.00/pk
  • Beef burger 4/pk: $11/pk
  • Ground beef (1 lbs/pk): $9.25/pk
  • 100% beef sausages: $27.50/kg