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Why choose brylee meat ?

The key to producing healthy grass-fed beef of the highest quality is to have healthy animals living off healthy land.

- Our animals never come into contact with any hormones or antibiotics.

- Rotational grazing system (adaptive grazing) that allows the animals to get all the nourishment they need

- Our cattle move 4 times/day to new pasture, allowing them to only eat the top part of every plant with the most energy and protein. they have an unlimited pasture buffet.

- Flavorful, lean meat. the most natural meat you can eat because they have the most natural diet. They eat our fresh grass and hay in the winter.

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About us

Our mission is to protect our land and environment for generations to come while producing high quality meats and offering superior quality services in a healthy, natural way for people who respect what we do. And, of course, to be well rewarded for our work and to have fun while doing it!

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